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Since 1988!

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We are offering installation, maintenance and servicing also for the following Slovene companies:


We are appointed company for service and validation of instruments Methrom, Pharmatest and Lauda sold by Primalab.


      (  Primalab metrohm servis          servis   Servis    servis  )




spes servis        (We are servicing AOX instruments Trace elemental and Euroglas)






High quality assistance at installation is expected any time high tech equipment is purchased.

We have all regular trainings and certificates needed for our job.



Regular maintenance and validations


Proper and regular maintenance is very important in lifetime of particular equipment.  Many customers need regular maintenance and validation as a part of accreditation procedures. We use certified instruments, standards and etalons.



Service maintenances


We have a quick respond time and high reliability in solving the problems. Usually we repair the instrument at the customer’s site.  If necessary we take the instrument to our offices for further investigation and testing.


Service contracts


On customers demand we offer long term service contracts for maintenance and servicing of specific equipments.







  Please contact us for further information: , phone +386 (0)41 610 991.

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