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From the collection of the tissues to the processing


Transfer of tissues from operating rooms to the histology lab without fixative!

more info   TissueSAFE


- Operating rooms without formalin

- Fresh vacuum sealed tissue is brought to the histology laboratory

- Standardization of procedures

- Control of temperature and time during transportation from operating

  rooms to the laboratory





milestone  SealSAFE


- Standardized ratio between the tissue and fixative

- Less volume for storage

- Lower consumption of formalin

- Working environment protected against harmful vapors of formalin





Precise cutting and accelerated decalcination


more info  ProCUT in CutMATE


- Easier and quicker cutting

- Better reproducibility and standardization

- Easy cutting of whole organs (prostate, etc.) without prior gross hardening




more info   BoneSTATION


- System for fixation and decalcification of bone tissues

- Shorter preparation time

- The possibility to use any of the fixation or decalcification solution





Fixation – documented standardized process


more info   FixSTATION 1RH




Frozen sections


more info   Prestochill


Frozen sections without liquid nitrogen and loud compressor! The surface of the tissue is well oriented and the quality of the slides is outstanding.



more info   Presto



Automatic stainer for frozen sections- 6 slides in just 4 minutes. Repeatable procedures, not dependable on the operator skills.






Automatic rapid tissue processing

- Enable processing tissues up to 6 mm thickness with capacity of 210 cassettes.

- Possibility to work as rapid microwave tissue processor

  (during the day) or classical automated processor (through the night)

- Special tool Sinergy allows embedding the tissues in paraffin in the same system.

- No use of Xilene


more info milestone  Logos One

more info   Logos

more info  Pathos Delta





Multifunctional microwave systems

-possibility to use the systems for histoprocessing, fixation, decalcination and

  antigene retrieval. KOS has accessories for quick processing of tissues for

  further electronic microscopic research.

- Only two alcohol based reagents used for histoprocessing.

- Without using Xilene!


more info   KOS

milestone   LogosJ




Digital macrophotography


- Systems for macrophotography have dedicated software for use in pathology.

  Picture has a value of 1000 words!

- Video and audio files can be added to each picture.

- Measurements and other labeling is possible on each picture!


more info   Macropath PRO-X

more info   LeanSTATION BX

milestone   MacroVIEW DM





- Healthy working environment is an important factor.

- The use of less harmful reagents.

- Xilene free processing!



more info   Mol Decalcifier

more info   JFC in Milegreen

more info   FineFIX





Diagnosis of FNA cytology


ROSEstation- Mobile workstation for onsite diagnosis of FNA cytology (Rapid  On-Site Mobile Evaluation ROSE).


more info   ROSEstation

  Please contact us for further information: barbara.primatron@siol.net , phone +386 (0)31 392 013



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