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Microwave acid digestions


more info  ULTRA WAVE


- Acid digestions of different types and quantities of samples at same time!


more info  ETHOS EASY and ETHOS UP


- New design, new capabilities! Microwave systems for acid digestions of

  organic and inorganic samples with capacity of 15 high pressure reactors

  or 44 medium pressure reactors. Perfect application support!

  Ready to use methods! 





Trace analyses


more info  TRACE CLEAN


- Instrument for cleaning laboratory equipment for further use in the

  trace analyses. TraceClean with the help of the condensed vapors of

  nitric acid cleans glassware, ceramics, Teflon or other laboratory

  equipment to meet high requirements in trace analyses.


more info  SUB CLEAN and DUOPUR


- Prepare your own ultraclean acids in your laboratory!





Microwave extractions


more info  Microwave system Ethos E


- Provides microwave enhanced extraction with organic solvents for further

  analyses with GC, GCMS, HPLC and other analytical techniques.


more info  Microwave system NEOS


System can extract essential oils from plant materials without solvent.





Microwave organic and inorganic synthesis


more info  Rotosynth


- Homogeneous heating of solid materials. Full control of reaction parameters!




more info  Synthwave


- Single reaction chamber technology. Highest pressure capabilities.





Microwave ashing


Pyro microwave system allows burning of various types of samples-polymers, food, pharmaceutical ingredients in shortened time.


more info  PYRO XL


- Allows burning of large quantities of samples containing a small amount

  of ash for example plastics, polymers. The quantity of the sample can be

  50 g and more.


more info  PYRO SA


- Used for analyses of sulfate ash especially in pharmacy industries.

  The system has a built-in ventilation and absorption system for acid fumes.






Direct mercury analyzers


more info DMA80 and DMA1


- Determination of mercury in solid, liquid and gas samples in only few

  minutes without sample preparation! The system works on the

  principle of thermal decomposition, amalgamation and atomic absorption.


more info  FMA80


- Determination of mercury in ground potable water samples. The system

  works on principle of reduction of mercury and atomic fluorescence.




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