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Using microwaves in chemical laboratories has become a standard procedure since many years. Milestone srl  is the world leader in microwave technology since 25 years. They offer digestion, extraction and ashing microwave systems.  Milestone offers many inventive tools and instruments for trace analyses.

We offer different laboratory accessories and instruments in cooperation with well known German company Boeco. We offer pipettes, laboratory glass ware, laboratory plastic ware, filter paper, water baths, Ph meters …

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Milestone Microwave tissue processors enable fast and reliable diagnosis!  The patient has a possibility to get diagnose in one day! At the same time working with this equipment significantly improve the working conditions of the laboratory technicians and pathologists.

With the help of Milestone microwave systems the process of fixation and decalcination are greatly speed up and  a possibility to standardize and document these procedures is given.

Milestone Macro photographic systems for use in pathology and autopsy rooms are developed and  sold for several years.

Systems for transportation of tissues without formalin are available also. Milestone offers innovative equipments to document and standardize procedures in pathology laboratory routines where no one else has thought before!

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Our company is present in service activities since 1988. Last 15 years we are offering installations, maintenance and repairing of many different instruments in chemical and medical laboratories. We are certified to support all the brands of instruments that we represent and distribute. We are also supporting some other Slovene companies in this segment.

 All problems have a solution! Call us and we will discuss and help you!

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We are offering installation, maintenance

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Primalab metrohm servis          servis


We are appointed company for service and validation of instruments Methrom, Pharmatest and Lauda sold by Primalab.


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